PT Megayasa Teknologi Indonesia
To become the most trusted telecom system integrator and distribution company in indonesia.
PT Megayasa Teknologi Indonesia is proud of its reputation as a System integrator, specializing in complete telecommunicaon System Turnkey projects since its establishment back in 1996’s
Over the years, PT Megayasa Teknologi Indonesia has taken a great deal and pride in its ability to deliver highly customized, reliable and costeffectiv system designs in the provision of communicaon fphazardous environments where product quality and reliability are essential
Today, PT Megayasa Teknologi Indonesia is a well established company providingits customer with  a comprehensive range of telecommunication systems and services throughout the religion . The increasing trust that its customers are placing is the ability of the company to provide a comprehensive one stop solution from systems, design, consultation, configuration and engineering through installation innovation and implementation, to commisioning , field service and on going maintenance.
with a keen understanding of customer needs coupled with our wealth of expertise and experiences, we excel in delivering reliable and cost effective system innovation services and telecommunication solution that are customized to meet stringent requirements of our customer in the most hars and hazardous.

Our Vision

PT Megayasa Teknologi Indonesia is strive to become the leading complete end to end Telecommunication Solution Provider through our consisten, strong and proven efficiency. We will emphasize trusty quality differentiation through innovation, to exceed the expectation of our consumers and competitors.


Our Commitments

PT Megayasa Teknologi Indonesia is committed to offer the end - to - end telecommunication solution with a concistent level our consumer service and support in the harsh and hazardous industry throughouts the region.
No Matter large or small system are result of commitment is a much of business is repeat costumer